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Driving contractual excellence at Nilfisk

Nilfisk is on a transformative journey, reshaping our approach to contract management and tendering to align with our strategic vision for sustainable growth. We’re seeking an innovative Contract Management and Tendering Manager to spearhead this change. This role offers a unique opportunity to refine our service agreements and tendering strategies, ensuring efficiency, compliance, and strategic alignment with our growth objectives.

You will join the Service Business team under Martin Borst. You can be based anywhere in Europe, ideally close to one of the bigger European offices, such as Courtaboeuf, Copenhagen, Almere, Bellenberg, Penrith etc.

Elevating contract management and strategic engagement

As the Contract Management and Tendering Manager, your responsibilities will include:

  • Enhancing contract management practices: Oversee the entire lifecycle of service agreements, ensuring compliance and supporting strategic growth to enhance Nilfisk’s market position.
  • Optimizing tendering strategies: Refine our tendering operations to be strategic and value-focused, fostering partnerships that underpin our revenue strategies.
  • Navigating dynamic compliance: Proactively manage regulatory changes to keep our contracts and processes both compliant and adaptable.
  • Fostering collaborative innovation: Work with diverse teams to integrate contract management practices with Nilfisk’s broader business goals, promoting a culture of innovation.
  • Implementing data-driven insights: Utilize key performance indicators to refine contract management strategies, aligning with Nilfisk’s growth and competitive advantage.
  • Streamlining utilization-based billing: Develop a concise process to accurately monitor machine usage under service agreements, ensuring billing aligns with actual service provided, optimizing revenue and enhancing customer transparency.

Your impact: Shaping Nilfisk’s strategic direction

Your management will not only streamline our contract management and tendering processes but also significantly contribute to Nilfisk’s competitive edge and financial health. Your efforts will ensure that service agreements are a strategic asset, directly influencing our growth trajectory and market valuation.

Who we inspire to join the team

You are a manager who is a strategic thinker and a pragmatic doer, capable of inspiring teams and driving meaningful change. Your innovative approach to contract management will enhance our service delivery and foster stronger customer relationships.

Let’s create a cleaner future together

Clean is changing. Today, cleaning is a key contributor to health and safety, and a new clean is emerging, driven by technology and innovation. At Nilfisk we are a driving force in this development, and we work as one team with one agenda, supporting each other across an exciting, dynamic organization. Being part of Nilfisk means having the freedom to speak your mind and do what you do best. You will thrive by having a hands-on approach and the drive to bring your great ideas to life. At Nilfisk you can lead, innovate and collaborate for a cleaner future. Are you ready to make a change?

We embrace diversity and equality with an environment of inclusion. We encourage everyone to apply for the position, regardless of origin, race, ethnicity, religion, physical or mental ability, gender, gender-identity or expression, sexual orientation, and age.

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