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Championing data-driven excellence across Nilfisk

Nilfisk is initiating a key strategy to revolutionize customer engagement and lifecycle management through an insightful installed base strategy. We are seeking an Installed Base Manager, a visionary manager to inspire this transformative journey. This role is an extraordinary opportunity for someone passionate about employing a rich, data-driven strategy to refine commercial activation, optimize service delivery, and ensure our products and services evolve alongside our customers’ needs.

You will join the Service Business team under Martin Borst. You can be based anywhere in Europe, ideally close to one of the bigger European offices, such as Courtaboeuf, Copenhagen, Almere, Bellenberg, Penrith etc.

Your role: Architecting a comprehensive data framework.

As the Installed Base Manager, you will play a crucial role in:

  • Developing a versatile Installed Base solution: Manage the creation of a sophisticated database that offers multifaceted analysis of the installed base. This dynamic platform will enable detailed reporting by customer segment, application, service agreement types, and more, providing a robust foundation for strategic conclusions not just for the RevOps team, but across Sales, Service, and Parts, Accessories & Consumables teams as well.
  • Creating a unified Data Ecosystem: Ensure the installed base solution is consistently up to date, integrating real-time data from IoT platforms and manual entries from ServiceMax or the Nilfisk Customer Portal. This comprehensive approach will capture essential metrics like running hours, setting the stage for predictive maintenance and customized service propositions.
  • Empowering cross-functional strategies: Utilize the installed base insights to “let the fleet drive our business,” enabling our teams across Sales, Service, and Parts to craft granular territory management plans. This strategic orientation will open doors to new commercial opportunities, enhance customer satisfaction, and spearhead targeted revenue generation efforts.
  • Streamlining Aftermarket engagement: Align installed base management processes with overarching service strategies and customer retention goals, contributing to Nilfisk’s stature as a sustainability and industry leader.
  • Fostering collaborative innovation: Build and enhance relationships across functions, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced installed base management capabilities, thereby supporting diverse initiatives like Order to Cash.

Your Impact: Fostering strategic growth and cohesion

By managing Nilfisk’s installed base management, you will not only refine our approach to leveraging data for commercial activation but also significantly uplift customer service delivery, unlock aftermarket potential, and drive revenue growth. Your work will foster informed decision-making, encourage a culture of innovation, and ensure continuous improvement across the board.

To succeed in the role

You are adept in data analytics and solution development, with a visionary approach to utilizing our fleet data for strategic business decisions. Your ability to drive innovation, inspire cross-functional collaboration, and enable dynamic, data-driven strategies will be key to our collective success.

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Nilfisk is on a transformative journey, reshaping our appr

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